About Us
West Newton Fox's Pizza
West Newton Fox's Pizza
Our Mission
Provide our customers high quality, delicious food with fast courteous
service at an affordable price.
106 Collinsburg Rd
West Newton, Pa 15089
Who We Are
Chris Curcio - owner
Former West Newton resident, proud husband and father.

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the pizza shop business, in fact
all are with Fox's Pizza Dens. Prior to becoming owner back in 1992 of
the West Newton Fox's Pizza, he started out as delivery driver at the
Perryopolis Fox's Pizza. That's where he learned the skills and
knowledge needed to operate a successful service restaurant. "...while
working at the Perry shop, that's when I realized my future was in owning
and running a pizza shop, a Fox's Pizza Den franchise." "I wanted to be
my own boss and I was ready to take on the hard work and rewards.
While working in Perry, I learned if you treat people right and give them a
good consistent product at a fair price, they'll return the favor by returning
again and again."
"I'm not embarrassed to say I'm proud." "I'm proud of my pizza shop, I'm
proud to have it located in West Newton, I'm proud of our loyal customers
and the great service my staff provides to those customers."
Our History
Do you take credit cards?
Visa, MasterCard, and
Sean Anderson - Manager
Life long West Newton resident, proud husband and father.

Sean has been employed at West Newton Fox's Pizza since 1993 and
has been manager since 1996. Like Chris, Sean got his start as a
delivery driver as well. He likes the fact that he gets to work in town and
doesn't have a long commute just to get to work. It gives him more family
time and he can keep an eye out in his home town. "This is close knit
community with lots of kids and older folks, it's important that we help
and look out for each other."
Sean is more than just the manager, he has been Chris's trusted friend
and "go to guy" for a long time. It's his knowledge, work ethic and loyalty
that has made Sean so valuable. "I guess I've done every job and daily
task in the shop at one time or another. In fact I still do." "You can't put a
price on working a place that means so much to you and your town."
1985 - West Newton Fox's Pizza opens on Main St, in part of the former
G.C. Murphy building.
1992 - Chris Curcio is half of the new ownership of West Newton Fox's.
1994 - Chris takes over complete ownership.
1994 - West Newton Fox's Pizza relocates to 123 Water St.
2011 - Scoops N'at - Ice Cream Shoppe opens next door
2016 - Over 31 years later still proudly serving West Newton and the
surrounding communities and relocated to 106 Collinsburg Road,
along the bike trail. Our best & most convenient location yet!
Visiting or coming
through on the bike trail?
We are located
right off of the trail.
Just a 1/2 block from the
West Newton trailhead
& parking lot.
Directly across from the
Trailhead Train Station
Visitor Center.
Check out the map
on our
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Frequently Asked Questions
We appreciate the local support we receive
and we proudly patronize local businesses.
Hours (starting Oct 1, 2010)
11am - 10pm
11am - 10pm
11am - 10pm
11am - 10pm
11am - 11pm
11am - 11pm
12noon - 10pm
Scoops N'at
Ice Cream & more!
Visit us,
we're right next door
Ice cream, milk shakes,
Slush Puppies and lots
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